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02, March 2013

Resume Blaster Widget

Dear Jobseeker

Remember ,

No recruiter has time to search / find YOUR resume from amongst millions in our online database.

So , don’t passively wait to be "discovered by chance"

Be pro-active

There are hundreds of Companies who are on look-out for someone exactly like YOU – but they don’t know that you exist; and if you do, they don’t know how to contact YOU !

And you don’t know WHICH are these companies and HOW to contact them

Announce your "existence" to such potential Employers , by blasting your resume

Mohamed must go to the Mountain !

Now , you can blast your resume to 230094 Companies located in 665 + cities / towns of India, from your Smart Phone / Tablet ( Android ), - and absolutely FREE of cost !

Simply download "Resume Blaster" widget as follows,

By entering/typing in your Mobile/Tablet browser:

Download from this site:

Download from Android Market:

Once installed, this is how "Resume Blaster" widget works:

Luck does not “ arrive “ at your door-step.

You must shed your inhibition , go out and grab it !

Hemen Parekh

PS :

As in March 2013 , Resume Blasting services of other job-portals are as follows :

Portal Service Name Target Companies Price (Rs)
Naukri Resume Flash 900 Consultants 1,000 /-
Monster Xpress Resume 1200 Cons(India) 999 /-
200 Cons(Gulf) 1,499 /-
India + Gulf 1,999 /-
TimesJobs Resume Zapper 1250 Cons (Ind+Gulf) 1,600 /-
Magic Combo 5,050 /-


You pay in advance and they don’t even reveal the names of target consultants !