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Dear JobSeeker,

  • When you conduct a job search here, we suggest suitable jobs - provided you are logged in.
  • And the more you search, the better our suggestions get.
    Because, every search tells us what jobs you like / prefer. So, with every search, our memory of your "preferences" grows.
  • When you return for your next job search, you will find your most suitable / matching jobs listed right at the top of the search results.
  • It is as if the jobs come searching for you !
  • And since joy increases through sharing, do tell your friends.
  • But if I were you, I would never waste my time, searching for jobs on this page!
  • I would rather install My Jobs Widget on my smart phone and
    let jobs (perfectly matched with my resume), come searching for me, on my mobile.
    And then when I find one or more jobs that I like, I would just touch the APPLY button on my mobile!
  • Death to job search !

Happy hunting !

hemen parekh

PS :

Following tablet / smart phone manufacturers are pre-installing ( pre-loading at their factories ) ,

"My Jobs widget / app" on their products :

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