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17, Nov. 2011

Job Alerts on Mobile/Tablet

Dear Jobseeker,

This page will end your job search forever, by getting job-alerts on your mobile - FREE !

Here are two ways :

Job Alerts through free App installed on your Smart phone / Tablet

If you have a Smart Phone or a Tablet [Android V-2.1 or better] :-

  • Login and view jobs perfectly matching your resume

  • Select jobs you want to apply and touch APPLY button. Your resume gets emailed ! Free.

No need for a PC/Internet. No job searching. No wasting time to find suitable jobs.

This widget has been developed by HP Labs - India, for use by jobseekers registered on this site.

Even your friends can use your smart phone - by entering their own User Name / Password.

  • Just remember who was the last guy/gal who borrowed your mobile !

PS :

Following tablet / smart phone manufacturers are pre-installing ( pre-loading at their factories ) ,

"My Jobs widget / app" on their products :

Job Alerts by sending SMS